I feel like going to the cinemas tomorrow. Please let me have the courage.

I heard Gone Girl is really hitting it off in box office!

Despite the pain this camp has given on my first day, which is today—October 17, I don’t really mind because man I had fun!

I gained new learnings. You can say I went out of my comfort zone. I tried to be outspoken. And most especially I met new friends. I know I said some months ago I might have closed my doors to new relationships (thus my lack of interest in knowing this semester’s classmates—not even their faces) but today it felt like I opened those doors again having no second thoughts. No regrets there, too.

Fact: I wasn’t supposed to be in this training seminar but because of our organization’s treasurer’s unfortunate toothache I received a message from the president, which happened to be my closest college friend, if I am able to replace him. Fyi, I got the text around 6:30 a.m but only got up twenty minutes later after receiving a phone call from that friend. She told me to be there at 7:30 a.m ergo my ninja moves which included that 5-minute bath.

Research Defense

We were told our defense schedule would be at 6:30 p.m but due to delays we started around 7:45; it was a thirty minute defense comprised of one panelist who talked to us like we’re old friends grabbing snacks from the canteen

Then this dream from my afternoon nap had me direct my own kidnapping I don’t remember much but I think that’s what it was

This morning I woke up from a dream of about to give birth and it was the scariest shit because I think I was a single mom (?) as I kept calling the father of the child and he wasn’t answering (i dont even know him) and then I called my mom and she wasn’t answering as well then I got really desperate I resorted to calling the father of the child’s woman (i think they’re together as it said in the dream they were but she was nice to me and even asked me to call her if i ever need help so i did) but even she wasn’t answering and everyone wasn’t answering like hello? Pregnant lady about to give life to another human being??
i was with my friend, Jed, in the dream and she accompanied me throughout the dream and the contractions stop eventually that’s when I woke up (thank God)
I think I was traumatized by this because it almost felt real that the first thing I did upon waking up was to hold my stomach making sure it was all a dream I almost screamed; as much as i LOVE babies I don’t think i could ever handle one..i dont want to ever undergo that again

The weird thing about this week and the last is my body waking up around seven in the morning. Semestral break technically starts today but because of tomorrow’s defense it will start on Thursday—given that our teacher schedules our deliberation tomorrow. We are still to pass our final paper tomorrow morning and be scheduled tomorrow as well. Talk about time management.

Taylor released a new song today (which I like!) although it’s quite different. In my opinion she held back on the lyrics. Iykwim.

I find it quite relaxing to discuss my favorite tv shows with people. I’m planning on doing this weekly.

Apparently, the trip to the capital was cancelled due to the suspension of classes last Friday. Exams were moved to Monday thus making it impossible for us to push through our plans when we have our first priority here. Damn storms! For once in my life I asked for the non-cancellation of classes but the damned weather loved playing with us.
I guess we’ll just have to make the March plans happen.

Unpopular opinion

I guess the reason why I stopped watching ..

The Vampire Diaries is because Delena started happening;

How I Met Your Mother is because Robyn started dating Barney

Revenge: Emily’s feeling for Jack started showing

This is what I was talking about last night

It’s been raining since this afternoon I’m afraid the river would overflow by morning. It has never happened before since we came here; although it did happen maybe six years ago—we weren’t here yet.