As part of the University Day happening on Friday, my organization put up a station to gather the payment of the members for the said event. It was past 4 p.m. when I was left alone to handle things for awhile as my two friends, Jed & Rose, did her homework & refilled her water bottle, respectively. There was this woman (I concluded right away that she’s a mother) who asked me if I know this certain name’s classroom; since she is soft-spoken I inquired if the name she gave me was a teacher and I was quite shocked to hear she’s also a student like me. I told her I didn’t know as we all have different schedule then I told her to just message her of her *daughter’s whereabouts which she misinterpreted as me messaging her daughter. She must’ve thought I knew her so I told her to just ask the office and I even directed her there. This thing bothered me so much as I saw the look of pain & worry on her face when she told me the girl, a senior, hasn’t come home since Friday. A little part of my heart died. It literally felt like a big rock was placed above it. I didn’t know this girl but she must at least have the decency to notify her mother where she is—esp if she’s not coming home. But then again I don’t think the mother thought of it that way. She must’ve been thinking of a lot worse that just her daughter simply not going home to sleep at a friend’s place or something like that. I didn’t think she got what she came for as I saw her leave the building after talking to some students. The worst part is she still had that pain I saw beforehand. It was painful not to be able to help. I could’ve done a better job than just leading her to the office which was the most unfruitful thing ever. Stupid departmental meetings.

The Summer Camp I Never Had

I went on a three day educational tour around Antique for our Cooperative Management class and it was worth it. We left the school premises last Friday at noon and just got back at four o’clock in the afternoon today. We were well fed and taken care of by the coops we visited and of course by the resort we occupied. The owners had been very generous that on our second night they arranged two bands—one was composed of the owner’s grandchildren— to play for us with free food and drinks (mainly alcohol so I didn’t benefit much because I don’t drink with non-high school friends). I was placed in the seventh van, together with mu close friend, Jed. Although we were separated with our good friend, Rose, who was on the other van I had lots of fun with my van-mates. The randomness was disappointing at first but it turned out really well; thank goodness. Upon arriving at the hotel we learned we three were separated into three different rooms and was placed with unknown participants. Another bummer. I was with two of my classmates but we weren’t really close although they’re also fun to be with which made it a little bit hard for me to leave them two alone to transfer to Jed’s room as her three roommates evacuated their room to be with their friends as well. Rose joined us too. There were four of us including Chen, Jed’s friend who has become dear to me as we read the same books and apparently watch the same series. Oh the universe is amazing.
I could go on and on and write every detail of the happenings of this three day trip maybe tomorrow but I have may taxation midterm exam tomorrow morning so I have to sleep now or I would be very tired combined with lack of sleep I might not be able to hear my alarm—-just like what happened today; we woke up around 7 a.m. which is also the scheduled time for departure for today’s itinerary. It was a good thing everybody else was tired too that probably majority needed to be waken up by others by knocking on each door or else we would’ve stayed in bed all day.

Para para parasites

Thursday was a national holiday—yayy for a one day break in the middle of exams week. It’ll be holiday on Monday as well so hello long weekend!

I’m looking forward to spending my weekend sat in front of the TV watching seasons 4 ‘til 8 *hopefully* of Bones (as I’ve just finished season 3 awhile ago). I have my new found love and it’s brilliant!

I had two exams today (referring to Friday) and one of the two is Business Law which I got really nervous and pissed about as I was targeting an excellent mark from my teacher and I knew I flunked it. There was this guy who I happened to be in a class with last summer and we were friends and all that [let’s just say it’s that kind of friendship where me and my two friends casually hand them (if not taken from us unwillingly i.e, answers to quizzes) home works, class participation stuff and examination answers] but today he totally crossed the line. He was sat beside me and was just poking his head like a giraffe looking at my answers! What an arse. I mean I’ve no problem if he just look at my paper once in awhile but IT WAS THE WHOLE TIME I WAS REALLY DISTRACTED I HAVE FORGOTTEN SIMPLE ANSWERS TO SIMPLE QUESTIONS WHICH MIND YOU I’VE MEMORIZED AND UNDERSTOOD DURING MY WEDNESDAY TIL FRIDAY MORNING REVIEW. I couldn’t just possibly forgot about them you know! I freaking love the subject despite the hundred pages study material. What pisses me more is that our teacher was supposed to be the one proctoring us but instead he sends in his assistant/secretary-whatever to watch over us and she saw him but never dared transfer him or God forbid give him the failing mark he deserves. What is with people abusing someone else’s kindness?! And it was a fcking holiday yesterday he could’ve just studied at least a chapter and not copy literally all of what’s in my paper! Or just let me finish answering before extending his head out of his fcking space! See this was supposed to be a non-rant thing I was only supposed to tell what happened. . like a nice story or something. Might as well blame the coffee I drank before coming to school but oh well I need a human being to personify the anger that’s boiling inside me.

at the library today i saw med students passing by and i was struck w the funniest idea ever: I WANT TO BE ONE. god the authority they hold
then i read this national geographic at acclaim not two hours later and i was like I WANT TO PHOTOGRAPH HYENAS TOO

The annual fever has started! 
Today was a lovely day. You know why? Because it was sunny but not too sunny; it didn’t rain—not a single droplet—this week which makes the big field dry. . Good-enough-kimd-of-dry for activities to take place smoothly (without all the wet & muddy ground where soccer balls won’t spin making the game less enticing).

The annual fever has started!
Today was a lovely day. You know why? Because it was sunny but not too sunny; it didn’t rain—not a single droplet—this week which makes the big field dry. . Good-enough-kimd-of-dry for activities to take place smoothly (without all the wet & muddy ground where soccer balls won’t spin making the game less enticing).

Sometimes all you need is a good cry.

Lena noticed me!!! LENA FCKING MEYER LANDRUT I’m so excited for her new songs!

As I was on my way home I saw these two little kittens beside the tri-sikad and I was immediately smitten that it took every thing in me not to tell the driver to stop pedaling. After all it’s not uncommon for me to pass by stray kittens on the streets. I told myself the feeling of likeness will be gone soon. BUT THEN my brother, who walks home everyday, do not have the same fate as me. The two fluffy balls followed him home and I literally squealed when he knocked on the door and before he even opened it enough for him to enter said we won’t believe what he’s brought home. I knew it the moment he told us and then I looked at the door and saw the little ones!! I was in love. I have never seen such healthy strays. I think they belonged to someone from the neighborhood but why were they on the street, that I’ll never know. I ditched studying for my major’s quiz to attend to them and snap photos and they drifted off to sleep on my lap before I put them in a box that’ll serve as their temporary bed. My brother plans on getting them back to their owner, if there’s any, tomorrow but rn they stay the night. I am so happy.

so I watched Eliza’s vine videos last night and practically stalked her Twitter account and it never occurred to me until today that she saw the tweet declaring she’s my new favorite person until I saw this notification when I opened my account tonight
i love her i love her i love her

Fangirl moment 101

Fell asleep reading an e-book and woke up two hours later to start reading again. It’s been 30 minutes after I’ve stopped again. My phone is dying and I’ll start reading til I fall asleep or the battery dies. Gotta love Sundays.