Guimaras Escapade II

19th May 2013.
It was only that day Ayanah would be able to join us so we proceeded despite others missing out, especially Diann whom I secretly call the Queen of Sulking. But let us not go there.

We decided to meet at Gaisano mall at 6 am. Filipino that they are we left at around 7. We arrived there at the island 15 minutes after 7 and was at the beach a little after 8.


  • we went boating again but this time, we were with Ayanah (see 3rd and 4th photo) the boat behind us on the 4th photo was the one we rode
  • visited “tortoise island” (6th photo) and took photos
  • walked to the other side of that island and swam because it was shady there and it was somewhat secluded (as you can see in the 5th photo) that’s my friend, Jason btw
  • swam by the cave again—the scariest yet best memory ever!! (didn’t put photos because it was dark)
  • ate lunch at Raymen (the resort beside the one we were in) the food was the bomb! had fun eating there because half the time we were eating the other half we were laughing and teasing each other
  • swam at the beach at around 3, the water was serene there weren’t too many big waves yay! (see last three photos)

Went home around 5, the weather wasn’t so good than it was the whole day so the boat ride home was death defying! I though it was the end. Lol! It was quite fun though.

Me and my friend, Issa, then headed to the church for vesper mass on our slippers!! We forgot to bring shoes! It was a first. Omg. Consider that another highlight too!

Will be posting more. Tune in.
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